With more than 65 years of experience providing residential loans to borrowers, we know what it takes to do Non-QM loans right! Our Non-QM loan programs are designed to make the mortgage process easy and provide an alternative financing solution for your borrowers that fall outside of the traditional mortgage guidelines. Whether you have an ITIN borrower someone who is self-employed, or a recent credit event borrower, we have a mortgage solution to fit their needs.

First National Bank of America has 2 distinct Non-QM loan programs, ‘Alt-A Premier’ and ‘Near Miss’. Both options accommodate SSN and ITIN borrowers and each loan program can be obtained utilizing our alternative income documentation options for purchases or cash out refinancing.

General Program Highlights

DTI’s up to 55%
LTV’s up to 85%
12 months income history
Gift Funds Allowed
Unique Property Types

Alt-A Premier

This Non-QM program is the perfect mortgage alternative for the Agency Fallout borrower! Whether your borrower is Self-Employed or a W2 wage earner, our common sense underwriting approach let’s us get Non-QM done Better.

ITIN or SSN, Alt-A Premier offers LTV’s up to 85% and provides borrowers the ability to utilize alternative income documentation such as Profit & Loss statements, Bank statements, Seasoned Assets or W2’s to get approved.


Near Miss

This Non-QM loan gives borrowers an alternative mortgage solution when they have less than perfect credit, no credit or are looking to purchase vacant land. It’s an excellent option for a borrower with a previous bankruptcy or short sale. No Seasoning required on the credit event.

Self Employed, ITIN, SSN, Full and Alternative Income Doc accepted (P&L only, Bank Statements, Ready Asset (NIVA) or Asset Depletion).


Whether your borrower is buying an single family home, second home, investment property, non-warrantable condo or vacant land, we have you covered! From our loan programs to our process, FNBA strives to make Non-QM Easy for our brokers. We take a common sense, manual underwriting approach where we focus on your clients ability to repay. Our alternative income options allow us to see the big financial picture, making customized Non-QM mortgage solutions possible. With over 65 years of experience providing an alternative to conventional financing, we know what it takes to do Non-QM right, so you can focus on expanding your client base and making more homeownership dreams a reality.