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  • Everett Hurt was our loan officer and he is the ABSOLUTE GREATEST! I was trying to solidify a mortgage for 6 months and I was losing all hope for being self employed and buying a house. Everett made the process so smooth I thought it was too good to be true. He updated me everyday on where my process was, was super efficient in requesting the information and documents he needed from me or my business, I could go on and on about how great he is at his job and servicing his clients. I am forever grateful for FNBA and Everett!
  • Stephanie Brown was our Loan Officer for our home purchase. I was truly impressed with how quickly and efficiently we were able to get approval and keep the process moving forward. I have purchased multiple homes over the years and as a small business owner it has been one of the worst experiences to go through each time. The process feels like something from the Spanish Inquisition to be able to qualify. Stephanie had an approval for me in just under 24 hours. She was very responsive and communicative from our very first contact all the way to the closing and after, following up to see how our move went and to congratulate me again. For the first time ever, getting a mortgage was a simple and straight forward process. It made the stress of the situation significantly reduced!! The time lines she presented for the process were spot on. We ran into a small hiccup with the appraisal but Stephanie kept us on track and moving forward! Thank you Stephanie, you are a true asset to your team!
  • Mortgage Process was smooth and very quick. I worked with loan officer Everett Hurt and he was excellent closed my mortgage less than 15days. Everett and David was there for me every step of the way. I would recommend FNBA to anyone looking to get a mortgage giving that there rates are very good. Thanks Everett and David for all of your help!!!!