First National Bank of America is an expert lender in the Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) space and we’ve been doing it for over 60 years! Our mortgage programs provide loan options for your clients that need an alternative solution to conventional mortgage financing without adding extra stress to the deal.

Our loan programs and income documentation methods offer solutions for a wide array of scenarios including people with only an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), self-employed borrowers that need to use something other than tax returns for income and borrowers that may have stumbled a little with their credit. Alternative financing can be done just as quickly as conventional financing and may be just the solution you need in order to close more deals and grow your business! Click here to learn why you should consider adding a Non-QM lender to your suite of trusted mortgage professionals.

Responsible, Non-QM lending is the only thing we do! Give one of our experts a call today 800-652-3074.

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To learn more about how FNBA can help you grow your business and earn more money, watch the short video from National Sales Manager, Tom Watters.

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