Jumbo Loans

This program is for larger loans with balances up to $650,000. Non-QM, self-employed, ITIN and previous credit event borrowers are accepted. Full or Alternative Income Documentation available.


Program Highlights

  • Non-QM, Self-Employed and ITIN
  • Only 1 day of Seasoning on Previous Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
  • Loans up to $650,000
  • LTV up to 75%*
  • Credit scores of 640 and above (660 minimum in CT, HI, LA, NV or OH)
  • SFOO/2nd Home/Condo (No High Rises)
  • 12 Month Income Documentation
  • Cash-Out Refinance Available
  • Gift Funds Allowed
  • Nationwide Portfolio Lender
  • Other Program Requirements Apply

FNBA will not accept applications or originate in CA, IL, NJ, or NY.

A Sample of Recent Closings

$850,000 – Refi Private Mtg, Previous Foreclosure, Self Employed, Florida

$475,300 – ITIN Borrower, Bank Statement Program, Washington

$440,000 – Self-Employed, Bank Statement Program, Texas

$419,250 – Self-Employed, Bank Statement Program, Connecticut

$412,500 – ITIN Borrower, Self-Employed, Bank Statement Program, Massachusetts

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