Committed to Non-QM

Written by: Jamie Miller, Creative Marketing Manager; First National Bank of America

Non-QM lending will not disappear contrary to what some are saying.
While the Non-QM industry may see lending done a little differently by some in the space, it is definitely not going anywhere!

Why is Non-QM lending not going to disappear?

People, houses and the dream of owning a home are part of life as we know it. As long as those things remain, the need for mortgages will remain. The Traditional, Fannie/Freddie/Ginnie mortgages will continue to not have an appetite for certain types of borrowers. Non-QM will exist and continue to fill the void for millions of qualified, adequate income families.

How does First National Bank of America (FNBA) fill the financing void?

We believe in the Non-QM industry and the people it serves.

FNBA has an advantage over other Non-QM lenders. We are a portfolio lender with over 60 years of lending experience. We service all of the loans we originate, and we don’t have to rely on investors or servicers to fund and purchase our loans. This allows us to set our own guidelines and risk tolerances for both Non-QM and Jumbo loans. We will continue to offer our mortgage solutions as we have since 1955, with the same requirements you have come to know us for! Our LTV’s remain strong, we will continue to allow up to 55% DTI and our Alternative Income doc options and minimum credit criteria will be un-waivered.

Together, we can help families finance A Different Way Home!