Problems Making a Payment?

What if I can no longer afford my home and/or don’t want to keep it?

We have a number of options available. To discuss these options, please call (800) 642-4578 to speak with a credit services representative.

What if I start having financial problems and can’t make my payment in a timely manner?

If you are having financial difficulties, it is always best to make us aware of your situation. We may have a payment program available to help you through your financial hardship. To learn more, call (800) 642-4578 to speak with a credit services representative.

What if my loan is in foreclosure and I want to reinstate my mortgage?

You can reinstate your mortgage at any time up to the foreclosure sale date if you pay all past due payments plus any fees and costs associated with the foreclosure. There are a few states, such as Michigan, where the mortgagor can redeem the property after the Sheriff’s sale date. Redemption of the property requires a total due payment to a court official. The total due payment is the amount established by the foreclosure action.

My spouse is obligated to make the mortgage payments under our divorce agreement. Am I still liable?

If you signed the contract, you are still liable for the payments. A divorce agreement does not alter your obligation to make payments.

If I deeded my interest in the property to my spouse or someone else, does this remove any liability?

No. Deeding your interest in the property to someone else only means that you no longer own the home. You are still obligated to make payments, as stated in your contract and mortgage.