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Agency Fallout, Scratch & Dent


We purchase performing, residential Scratch and Dent loans, Individual loans or Pools, that have been rejected by the end investor, Nationwide.

Scratch and Dent Done Better.

First National Bank of America has the experience and expertise to provide you with fast and simple solutions for the performing loans you need to sell! We allow DTI’s up to 55% as well as unlimited DTI options on loans with 6 months positive pay history. Experience the FNBA difference with competitive bids, complete due diligence and fast closings!

Same Day Bids
Fund in 48 hours
Fast & Simple Solutions
Scratch & Dent Done Better As the industry’s fastest Scratch and Dent buyer,
we're here to help you get back on top of the game!

If you are looking for an experienced buyer who will provide a competitive bid, complete due diligence and close fast, call us today!


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