Do you have loans that have been rejected by your end investor or loans stuck on a warehouse line?

First National Bank of America purchases and services, performing, residential Scratch and Dent loans. These loans are the last thing most lenders want to encounter but when you do, having a buyer in your corner that makes the process easy and fast is a must! 

We purchase loans for a variety of fallout reasons in all 50 states and have the expertise you need when it comes to selling Scratch and Dent loans. 

As the industry’s fastest Scratch and Dent buyer, we’re here to help you get back on top of the game!


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Program Highlights:

  • Competitive, same day bids

  • Funds in 48 hours

  • Fast and simple solutions

  • DTI’s up to 55%*

*Unlimited DTI options available with 6 months positive pay history.

Why Partner With Us?

FNBA is a nationwide buyer with over 65 years of lending experience. We have a seasoned and dedicated team that aspires to be your go to source to get the funds you need fast! Our competitive bids and exceptional products, help you stay in the game and do what you do best… help borrowers turn home ownership dreams into reality.

Contact Kelly: 517-324-8411