Safely use cash to pay bills


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Today there are many options available when it comes to paying bills. Most companies will accept electronic payments using your checking account or credit card, personal checks and money orders, all of which leave you with a digital confirmation or receipt of your payment. If you are renting a house from an individual, paying cash may be the only form of payment the landlord will accept. Anytime you pay a bill, it is in your best interest to get a receipt as proof of payment. This is especially true if you are paying with cash as there is no digital confirmation proving you have paid.

The next time you are required to make a payment using cash, keep these things in mind:

  1. NEVER mail cash. The mail could get lost, or someone could open it and take your money.
  2. Personally deliver the cash. Taking the cash directly to the individual or company you have to pay and handing it to them is one of the best ways to ensure your payment is made and received by the right person.
  3. Get a receipt.. A receipt will provide you with proof of payment and can be valuable later if the payment is ever questioned or if you need to show a lender rental payment history.

Whether you are paying bills electronically or using cash, paying on time, in a way that protects you is key. Be sure to keep your receipts in a safe place so you can refer back to them easily when and if they are needed.