How to Transfer Inheritance to the USA


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Do you need to transfer an inheritance from another country to the United States?

  1. First, see what taxes you have to pay. You may have to pay taxes in both the original country, and in the U.S. This can include an inheritance tax and/or an estate tax.
  2. A few countries that are a national security threat can’t have financial transactions with the United States. Your financial institution should be able to assist you with confirming that the country your inheritance is coming from does not not have sanctions against it.
  3. Transfer funds using a regular bank or an international transfer service. Make sure that you research fees and exchange rates. This will play a large role in how much money you have once it makes it over to the United States.
  4. Check with the IRS to see what forms you need to fill out on your taxes to account for your inheritance.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have a simple process for transferring an inheritance from a foreign country to the United States. Consulting with a tax or financial advisor is recommended before making financial decisions.