Paid Off Accounts

My account is now paid off. When do I get my deed?
The location of the property determines when the deed is prepared. Warranty Deeds, Discharge of Mortgages, etc. are sent to the county register of deeds for recording. The county will return this document to you via regular mail or may send it back to First National Bank of America, who will then forward it to you. Sometimes the county will not record a document if there are back taxes owing. In this case, it would be the responsibility of the customer to pay the back taxes and pay for the recording fees. If a document is lost and a new deed needs to be prepared, there is a $25.00 processing fee to re-create the document.

What should I do if my paid off Account with First National Bank of America is showing up on title work years later?
Please fax the entire title commitment including the old account number that you had with First National Bank of America to the ‘Lien Release Department’ at (517) 336-0497. If it is found that First National Bank of America already provided the document at one time, there will be a $25.00 processing fee for re-creating that document.

What should I do if I want the discharge/release recorded in someone else’s name?
First National Bank of America can only discharge the document with the name used when the original document (land contract, mortgage…etc.) was recorded.

What should I do if I lost my original recorded release document?
The county in which the property is located has records of recorded documents and you can obtain a copy from the Register of Deeds.