Responsibly Filling the Void

While traditional mortgage volume has been lagging over the last 12 months, Non-QM loan volume has seen a rise and continues to gain steam. (This increase could be contributed to the boost in the amount of entrepreneurs out there today or because we have a larger group of people working normal jobs while filling their spare time with side hustles to increase their earnings.) Whatever the cause, Non-QM Loans are filling a void in the mortgage industry.

The Non-QM segment is filled with self-employed borrowers, borrowers with ITIN’s and people who generate income from multiple jobs. What does all this mean? Well, a typical Non-QM client has income that is difficult to document, great assets that can help fill in income gaps and the hope that a lender will help them obtain a loan for the purchase of a home. One thing to note about the Non-QM loan business before we move on is that Non-QM loans are not inherently high-risk, nor are they subprime.


With the increased need for Non-QM loans, FNBA has the expertise to deliver quality products.

First National Bank of America is definitely not new to this market, in fact, we have been writing loans in this space and servicing them since 1955. We understand that our processes have to be as unique as our clients while being fair and simplistic in nature. Over the last year, we have improved our income qualification methods, simplifying the processes, adding new methods and training our staff to handle every circumstance that comes our way!

Our ATR Express is a full suite of income qualification methods: From the use of seasoned assets with either our Ready Asset or Asset Depletion methods to Bank Statements, certified expense ratios and Profit & Loss statements, our team is ready to navigate the Non-QM industry with responsible, consumer friendly lending practices. Our success depends on the success of our borrowers. We don’t put people in loans that they can’t afford, reducing the risk for failure on both sides of the deal!

Responsible lending is how we do mortgages!

Visit to view our products and income documentation options available to assist your clients that don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage or contact us to get in touch with one of our experienced, Non-QM loan officers today!