Our Appreciation

The Covid-19 Pandemic has put millions of Americans and many businesses in unchartered territory. Despite the virus and the stay-at-home orders, sky rocketing unemployment, mortgage forbearances, and unstable stock markets, First National Bank of America stood strong. We honored all of our commitments and closed new Non-QM loans for a total of $323M. We believe in people which made our determination to keep going an easy decision. We didn’t cease to lend nor did we delay closing or funding Non-QM loans and we were able to put 372 families into new homes! We would like to thank our partners and our brokers for their loyalty and trust to get your Non-QM loans to the finish line during this unprecedented time.

FNBA was here long before many others and we will still be here when you need us! We have been originating these loans since before they were called Subprime or Non-QM and we can truly call ourselves pioneers in the industry. We continuously strive to lend responsibly, provide opportunities for home ownership through customizable lending solutions with a team of experts that will treat you like family from beginning to end. We are dependable, unrivaled and more prepared than ever to get the job done the right way.

Thank you again for your support and for continuing to do what is necessary for the American people to get approved and into the home of their dreams. The mortgage industry will always be a competitive market place and First National Bank of America will continue to be a contender, providing exceptional products with our exceptional team, doing our part to fill the need of borrowers Nationwide. We are always welcoming new brokers to our team and look forward to growing with you!

First National Bank of America

Written by: Jamie Miller, Creative Marketing Manager; First National Bank of America