How Do I Qualify and Obtain an ITIN Number?


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Not everyone has a Social Security card. That’s where an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) comes into play. An ITIN is established by the IRS to allow those without SSN’s to file taxes.

Here are three ways to get an ITIN, according to the IRS.

Option 1: File the W-7 tax form, which is an application for an ITIN. File this when you file your taxes so that you can be issued an ITIN.

Option 2: Apply for an ITIN in-person with an authorized Acceptance Agent. To find an agent near you, visit:

Option 3: Make an appointment with a Tax Assistance Center. After your information is processed, you’ll get an ITIN letter in the mail.

You can apply for an ITIN number any time in the year. It takes around seven weeks after processing to get a letter in the mail from the IRS with an assigned ITIN.