Non-QM Loan Programs

First National Bank of America has been a full service residential lender for over 60 years specializing in Non-QM Loans. We say YES when other banks say NO.

ALT-A Loan Program

Good credit borrower with no recent credit event. Self-employed and ITIN accepted.


Bank Statement Loan Program

Perfect fit for self-employed borrowers who are unable to document income with tax returns.

Bank Statement

ITIN Loan Program

Designed to help a borrower with a tax id number but no social security number. LTV up to 80% and DTI up to 55%.


Negative Credit Event

Terrific solution for a borrower with a pervious bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale. No seasoning is required on the credit event. Gift funds are accepted.

Near Miss Mortgage

Ready Asset Loan Program

Perfect for clients that have assets they own but do not necessarily want to use them to purchase a home. No income needed to qualify for this program. We will validate that the borrowers have enough assets to cover their debts through a 3rd party. LTV up to 80%.

Ready Assets

Asset Depletion

Similar to our Ready Asset Program except this program is for retirement funds only.

Asset Depletion