Residential Loan Purchase Criteria


• Overall good pay history (no recent 30 day late payments)

Max LTV of 105% (Will consider higher than 105% with excellent credit and pay history, contact us about this special high LTV program!)

Max LTV of 80% on investment properties, unique properties such as condominiums, and mobile homes

Minimum loan size is typically $10k. Max loan size is typically $300k/$400k range, but will look up to the $800k range if the loan has other strong characteristics

• Prefer no interest only loans (unless out of the IO period)

Prefer the amortization to be 360 months or less

• Prefer a few years seasoning

Prefer credit scores of 620 or above, but will look at lower scores if there is a loan characteristic that offsets the score.

• Prefer servicing released

Will look at modified loans if the modification is 24 months old

• Buying 2nd liens with the same characteristics as the 1st liens

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