Making Payments on the Internet

What’s the difference between paying on line and auto pay?
Auto Pay is First National’s scheduled automatic draft of your banking account.
Payment by web is a service allowing you to make a payment on line at the time of your choosing. Payments can be scheduled singly or recurring.

Can I choose the date my bank account is drafted?
You can select the date your account is drafted, but keep in mind your contractual due date and late fee date, if applicable.

Will payments reoccur, or do I have to visit the site monthly?
You can select recurring payments for most accounts, or visit the site monthly to schedule your payment.

If my payment is due on the 6th, and I make a payment by web on the 6th, will the payment be late?
Yes. Payments must be scheduled by 12:00 pm EST on the day prior to date you want the payment to be credited to your account. For example, a payment scheduled at 10:00 am EST on Tuesday will be credited on Wednesday. A payment scheduled at 2:00 pm EST on Tuesday will be credited on Thursday. Although you may schedule a payment 24 hours per day payments are processed only during work hours.

How do I cancel a payment by web?
Scheduled payments must be canceled by noon the day they are scheduled. You must cancel the payment on the web site. Canceling or changing a payment will cancel all subsequent payments. You will have to reinitiate recurring payments.

Can I change my payment method after I’ve scheduled a payment?
It depends on when you scheduled your payment. If you schedule a payment at 10:00 am EST on March 31, you can cancel that payment up to 12:00 pm EST on March 31. If you scheduled a future payment, it must be canceled by 12:00 pm EST of the day before the scheduled payment date. For example, a payment scheduled on March 31 to be credit on April 2 would have to be canceled by 12:00 pm EST on April 1.

Will I receive written confirmation of my payment by web?
Once a payment is scheduled, you can print the confirmation number. Each scheduled recurring payment will not have a specific confirmation number.

How much does payment by web cost? We charge a $2.00 processing fee. This processing fee will be automatically added to your scheduled payment. Contact the financial institution of your deposit account to verify if they will assess any additional charges.

What if I forget my password?
For privacy purposes, we cannot reset your password. The website offers the option to change your password. The website will prompt you for specific information to provide your password.

Why are you requesting my email address? It enables us to track daily web payment transactions and identify our customers. We will not sell your email address, or use it for solicitations. It is not a required field.

What if my payment is returned as NSF? First National Bank of America assesses a NSF fee for all returned payments. The financial institution of your deposit account may assess additional fees.

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