Other Services

Positive Pay

Since federal regulations now require you to do everything in your power to protect check stock against fraud, we think you will appreciate our help in mitigating this risk. With our Positive Pay service, we can quickly identify potentially fraudulent and other exception items. This helps protect you from potential loss of funds.

Highlight of Benefits:

Reduce risk of loss due to check fraud
Identify exception items at the time of presentment
Reduce your reconciliation effort by limiting the process to exception items only
While having the bank match each check you write to a file you provide, you not only protect your funds, but you create an automated daily reconciliation process
Easy upload process to report all issues
Easy “exception” identification with a period of time to actually override your initial decision to return all exceptions

CD-ROM Statement

Storing your financial data is a breeze! First National’s CD-Rom Statement offers you a great way to keep records of your account activity without having to store paper statements.

Highlight of Benefits

Multiple accounts can be placed on one CD
The self-contained, search feature reduces research time
Security is increased when you eliminate paper statements
Your storage system is more efficient with fewer paper files


Business CheckCard

Enjoy the Convenience of a Visa Business CheckCard

Eliminate the need to carry a checkbook or cash
Make quick and easy purchases everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted
Protect your business against unauthorized purchases with 24/7 monitoring of CheckCard transactions
Request additional cards for your employees with predetermined spending limits


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