First National Bank of America offers LOCKBOX services that will enable business owners to manage their incoming payments more effectively. Every business day payments received in the lock box are picked up at the post office, imaged, and deposited into your account. Payment files and reports can be accessed online through a secure site, at your convenience. Prioritize your time: Let us open the mail, prepare the deposit, and put your money into your account…you can concentrate on the important issues in your business: like serving your customers.

Consider this service if your company:

·Receives payments in the mail ·Processes payments at multiple locations ·Invoices for accounts receivables ·Wants faster access to funds ·Strives to improve customer service

Benefits of LOCKBOX

·Your business receipts are deposited every business day ·Improve cash-flow ·Reduce processing costs ·Fast flexible reporting ·Custom formatted daily electronic payment report ·Check imaging ·Improve collections ·Secure / off-site data storage

For more information please visit or call one of our office locations.

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